Kat Green
Marketing & Social Media Executive
14 April 2022
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Claritas Spotlight – Bianca Ward

Here at Claritas, we like to shine our spotlight on the exceptional staff we have, exploring their roles, their previous experience and who they are as a person – including their likes and dislikes on everything from food to travel!

Our latest spotlight features our Contract Manager, Bianca Ward.

We talk to Bianca about her role at Claritas, the advice she has for others looking for a similar career and what she enjoys doing when she’s not at work.

Hi Bianca, tell us about your role at Claritas

As contract manager at Claritas, I am responsible for overseeing the company’s contract negotiations, obligations and implementation to ensure optimal efficiency and compliance.

What prior experience do you have?

Prior to joining Claritas, my experience has predominantly been in sales, specifically, account management across the private and public sector in several different industries, including I.T. and fleet management.

What would a normal day consist of?

No day is a normal day at Claritas, as the work we do is so varied. However, being relatively new to the business and being back in the I.T. space, my focus has been to understand the existing contracts we have in place whilst looking at ways to streamline our existing processes, risk management and ensuring that we are compliant in our offerings.

What is the thing you love most about your job?

Having variety and knowing that no two days are ever the same is something that I value from my role. Not only does this keep your working week interesting, but it also allows you to continuously learn. By nature, I am very much a people person and I love that my role allows me to interact across all departments within the business.

Do you have any advice to give to others looking at a similar career?

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to forge strong working relationships with a wide range of people, whether this is your colleagues or customers. Collaboration and communication are key.

What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

Most of my spare time is spent keeping active in the gym or walking my two dogs Henson and Ronnie. I also love to read and spend time with my friends and family as well as enjoying a good holiday or city break – which hopefully will be something that can resume soon!


Thanks for talking to us, Bianca! It’s been great getting to know more about you and your role here at Claritas and we know where to come if we need a gym buddy or book recommendation!