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Managing Your Cloud

With our cloud managed services, we offer to co-manage your cloud environment, providing as much or as little involvement as suits your needs.

We also have a UK private cloud available offering high availability & security.

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IT Consultancy

Whether you need help with a specific project or ongoing IT support, our IT consultants can help your organisation stay competitive, innovative, and secure in a rapidly changing technology landscape.

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IT Technical Support

IT technical support is important for ensuring the smooth operation of IT systems, minimising downtime, improving performance, ensuring security, and providing access to expertise in a range of technical areas. See how we can help.

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Infrastructure Design

Our infrastructure consultants can help ensure that your organisation's IT infrastructure is designed to meet your current and future needs, is cost-effective, and is optimised for performance, reliability, and security. They can also provide ongoing support to help your organisation get the most value from your IT infrastructure investment.

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Data Transformation

Why not talk to us about data transformation which can improve the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of your data, making it easier to integrate, analyse, and use for decision-making and analysis.

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Vulnerability & PEN Testing

Pen testing is an important security measure that can help your organisations identify vulnerabilities, measure the effectiveness of your security controls, compliance with regulations, protect against cyber attacks, and improve incident response.

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IT Audits & Health Checks

IT Audits & healthchecks are vital to ensure your IT systems and processes are effective, efficient, and secure. By identifying weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, IT audits can help organisations mitigate risks, comply with regulations, improve operational efficiency, protect their reputation, and plan for the future.

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Software Licensing

Software licensing can be complex and may vary depending on the specific software and vendor, so why not see how we can help you.

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Using technology for insights

Embracing the Hybrid Cloud Revolution

Unleashing the Power of On-Premises and Cloud Computing Combined

Businesses are faced with critical decisions regarding the architecture of their IT systems with many systems that are critical to day to day operations. The debate over whether to go all-in on cloud solutions or maintain on-premises infrastructure has been a longstanding one.

However, a new paradigm is emerging as a compelling solution: the hybrid cloud. Let’s look at the reasons why the move to a hybrid cloud model is not just a trend but a strategic imperative for the future.

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About Claritas

Providing end to end solutions, from design, through implementation, to long term support

We have learned over the years that a successful project requires a committed project lead. We have fallen naturally into this role. Providing a single point of contact for all third-party vendors ensures we have the best chance of success. Our project managers are fully trained and have, over the years, delivered many successful projects, on time and budget.