A positive impact

At Claritas, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our planet, our people, the communities we serve and beyond.

We understand that we have a vital role in addressing environmental challenges and creating positive social change. Through our Corporate Sustainability initiatives, we prioritise responsible business practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

Explore our sustainability report and learn how we are actively reducing our carbon footprint for the benefit of our customers, supply chain, employees, the communities we serve and beyond.

See below to discover our commitment to making a positive impact.

Environmental Sustainability

We strive to minimise our carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices throughout our operations. Through ongoing efforts, we are continuously improving our energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving natural resources. We practice responsible waste management, recycling programs, and the use of renewable materials wherever possible. By embracing sustainable procurement practices, we encourage our suppliers to adhere to the same environmental standards that we uphold.

Social Responsibility

We believe in creating positive social change and promote inclusive communities. Our commitment to social responsibility is reflected in our support for local initiatives, charitable organisations, and community development projects. We actively engage with our employees, customers, and stakeholders to understand their concerns and contribute to the well-being of the communities we serve and beyond. By promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, we aim to create a workplace that values and respects individuals from all backgrounds.

Ethical Business Practices

Ethics and integrity are at the core of our business operations. We are dedicated to conducting our activities in a transparent and ethical manner. Our Code of Conduct guides our employees to uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness. We promote a culture of accountability and encourage ethical decision-making at all levels of the organisation. We are committed to fair trade practices, respecting human rights, and ensuring the health and safety of our employees.