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Fully Managed UK Cloud Services

Public, Hybrid or Private Cloud with Claritas Solutions

Many organisations require cloud support whether that be for public cloud services which operate on shared resources or a dedicated private UK cloud platform which are hosted on a company’s infrastructure, typically safeguarded by firewalls and robust physical security measures. Or a mix of both - Hybrid.

We can help make that journey smooth and straightforward, no matter the path you take with our expert consultants. You can have the ability to scale resources on demand, whether that be CPU cores, RAM, storage, bandwidth.

Managing your cloud effectively is crucial for getting the most out of it. From security to efficiency, we can ensure that your cloud management meets your business objectives.

We have the solution for you.

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Fully Managed

So You Can Focus On Your Business

If you've transitioned to the cloud and seek to optimise its benefits, we provide a co-managed service, seamlessly integrating with your team. Our certified engineers offer tailored expert guidance aligning with your business needs and customer demands, enabling you to concentrate on core business objectives.

Situated in the UK, our cloud managed services team guarantees the continuous operation of your cloud environment. We furnish you with real-time cost and performance metrics, empowering you to extract the utmost value from your cloud platform. We collaborate with you to implement best practices and configurations across your platform.

Cloud Web Hosting Solutions

Select The One That Is Right For You

Every cloud design will formalise the dedicated components required for the solution, including storage hardware, storage software, network hardware and cables. Claritas is a strategic provider to the UK Government and has a wealth of experience in understanding what is required.

Our unique multi-cloud platform enables you to mix and match the right cloud technology at the right classification level. We can deliver cloud infrastructure wherever you need it so you can focus on delighting your customers. Working with us means you never have to compromise the availability or integrity of the solutions you use.

From Azure and AWS public cloud to our own SovereignCloud - We are here to help

Azure Managed Services

Our UK based certified engineers can support you with a range of Azure co-managed services enabling you to optimise your environment. With the level of support and knowledge that suits you.

AWS Managed Services

Amazon EC2, S3, Aurora, RDS, CloudFront, DynamoDB & more. Working with our UK based engineers we can support you with implementation of best practices to migration to AWS from flawed on-premise and other cloud solutions.


Enjoy the benefits of public cloud such as scalability and combine them with the security of private cloud - all UK based. An ideal solution when you need to have control and understand where your data is stored.

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Why should you know where your data is?

Understanding where your cloud data is stored is useful information – it can help you make a better-informed decision about what cloud solution to choose and it allows you to evaluate the level of security provided.

We only use “Tier 3” data centres, which are considered the gold standard for cloud storage. A Tier 3 (or Level 3) data centre is a location with redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, network links, and other IT components. It is one of the most commonly used data centre tiers, where IT components are powered with multiple, active and independent sources of power and cooling resources.


Certain compliance regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), hold you responsible for the security of the data – even if you’ve outsourced its security to someone else.

That includes cloud storage. If you’re supposed to stay compliant with GDPR and want to use the cloud, then you have to verify the security standards of the cloud service provider in question, and the data centres where your data is stored.

Virtualisation should make IT infrastructure as easy as pressing a button