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13 February 2018
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5 tips to stay safe online

Staying safe online can be simple if you know what you’re doing, alas there are people out there making it harder for us.

It’s important to be cautious online but you shouldn’t worry too much. There are plenty of sources to help ensure you stay safe personally and companies on hand to assist in the safety of businesses online.

Here are our five tips to follow to ensure you stay safe.

Make sure that your connections are secure

When at home or work, you are likely to use a password-protected router that encrypts your data, however when you’re out and about you might be tempted to use free, public Wi-Fi which is often unsecured. This means it is easy for a hacker to access your device or data. Our advice is to consider investing in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) – a piece of software that creates a secure connection over the internet, so you can safely connect from anywhere.

Be cautious when clicking

Many online threats are based on phishing scams which trick you into revealing personal or sensitive information for fraudulent purposes. Always double check the URL or email address you are about to click on and if it looks remotely suspicious, don’t open it! Be wary about emails asking for your personal information and don’t open attachments from unknown sources until you have checked out their origin.

Practice safe surfing

When shopping online, online banking or doing other sensitive transactions, always make sure that the site’s address starts with “https”, instead of just “http”, and has a padlock icon in the URL field. This means that the website is secure and uses encryption to scramble your data so it can’t be intercepted by others.

Lookout for the latest scams

Online threats are constantly evolving and malware and ransomware are on the rise with news of new strains weekly. Claritas can help you stay on top of these threats and offer a wide range of solutions to help prevent you becoming the next victim.

Be on your guard

Use comprehensive security software and make sure you back-up your data on a regular basis in case disaster strikes.

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