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Jenny Bell - Marketing Manager
Jenny Bell
Marketing Manager
30 March 2023
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Calling All Customers and Suppliers – Our Phone Numbers Are Changing


2023 is set to be another exciting year for us and with this in mind we want to make sure that being there for our customers is our main priority. So, we are introducing new dedicated sales and accounts numbers to direct calls efficiently to the right person and department. We are also moving our reception number, order management and support desk to 0330 numbers from 0845 numbers.


This change will be effective from Monday 1 May 2023. However, we will continue to run our existing numbers for a period of time to ensure the transition is as smooth as it can be.


Customer Sales & Support

At Claritas Solutions we are dedicated to delivering the best IT services and solutions for your business and with this in mind, we are making the switch to 0330.

Please note that as from 1 May 2023, our main reception number is changing to 0330 333 88 30 and you can reach us by email at contact@claritas-support.co.uk . Our new order management number is 0330 333 88 35 and the email is order.management@claritas-solutions.co.uk


As part of our plan to make it easier for customers to deal with us, we are introducing a new dedicated sales number – 0330 333 88 33 and the email is sales@claritas-solutions.co.uk and a new dedicated accounts number – 0330 333 88 34 and the email is accounts@claritas-solutions.co.uk


As we know Support is a key part of the service you buy from us, along with the people and processes and equally important as the technology. We’re very proud of our exceptional Helpdesk service, and that’s largely down to the friendly, knowledgeable team of qualified professionals we’ve assembled, who know just how to respond to your problem. We are real people who genuinely care about getting you sorted, and fast.


So our new Support number is 0330 333 88 40, and you’ll be onto one of our first-line engineers and one step closer to a resolution. Whether it is during a fault scenario or for scheduling maintenance, our team are here to help you.


If you would like to contact Claritas Solutions Support team, please email us at support@claritas-solutions.co.uk or call 0330 333 88 40 during office hours, which are 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday.
If you do have out-of-hours support, you will have been given the number to call for the on-duty Engineer.