Ben Moorhouse
Jenny Bell - Marketing Manager
Jenny Bell
Marketing Manager
21 March 2024
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Catalysing Growth: Introducing Our New Head of Sales – Ben Moorhouse

Ben Moorhouse


  • Welcome to Ben Moorhouse who joins Claritas Solutions as the New Head of Sales

  • Seasoned professional with decades of experience in the tech industry

  • Lives by the mantra that ‘IT shouldn’t be a barrier to growth’

  • Ben will play a pivotal role in penetrating new markets, forging strategic partnerships and driving revenue growth

  • Keen cyclist and runner & can do a rubik’s cube in 2 minutes!


Let us introduce you to Ben Moorhouse a seasoned professional with decades of experience in the tech industry, poised to lead our sales team, building on the success of recent years of positive growth.

With a career fast approaching 20 years starting in front-end sales for In Technology, which encompassed making calls that offered clients backup solutions at the time, before progressing to Service Delivery Manager a few years later. These foundations gave Ben a good knowledge base in technology as well as being able to aid companies to get the best value from the services they were taking. Dealing with customers and problem solving becoming second nature, the next move was into Account Management once Redcentric took control of the business. Ben knew this was where his passion really ignited, working on accounts like a leading joinery business, taking what was a very small account initially into a multi-million-pound account supported by a full customer service team some years later. Ben’s mantra is ‘IT shouldn’t be a barrier to growth’.

Ben puts this success down to learning a lot from previous managers and always putting the customer service at the heart of everything. Ben brings a wealth of expertise to Claritas, garnered from leadership roles in other tech companies. As the Head of Sales, Ben will play a pivotal role in spearheading Claritas’s efforts to penetrate new markets, forge strategic partnerships, and drive revenue growth. His leadership will not only invigorate the sales team but also inspire a culture of innovation and excellence that permeates every aspect of the organisation.

One of the key pillars of Ben’s expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to optimise sales processes and enhancing customer experiences. Moreover, Ben brings a strategic vision that aligns seamlessly with the Claritas’s goals for future growth and sustainability. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, the ability to adapt, innovate, and leverage technology effectively has become paramount for businesses seeking to thrive and remain resilient in the face of challenges. Ben’s philosophy is sales is a science and art with the art aspect being focused on engagement and active listening of clients, and understanding business needs together with being mindful of budget considerations. The science element is the organisational wrapper you put around the client to ensure they achieve their business goals.

On a more fun note we normally ask our new starters a couple of questions to get to know them a little bit more. We can confirm Ben is keen cyclist and runner, and his very favourite thing to do is play golf, which he doesn’t do as much as he’d like to – he’s already teaching his son how to get the right swing! He’s got the Leeds half marathon in May and the bike leg (55 miles) of a half ironman in June and currently weighing up whether to do the Great North Run again, if his ankle can cope!

He has a secret love of films and Doctor Who. He also lived in France for 4 years in his early 20’s without being able to speak a word of French and can solve a rubik’s cube in 2 minutes. So, we extend a warm welcome to Ben and are very confident in his ability to lead our team to new heights of success.

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