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Claritas develops Case Management solution for Victim Support

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Claritas develops Case Management solution for Victim Support

Victim Support is a charity giving free and confidential support to people affected by crime. The charity receives daily crime data from each police force in England and Wales for all crimes committed in their area in the prior 24-hour period.

These files are processed, validated and assigned to the relevant VS support team for onward service delivery based on the postcode of the service user, or ‘victim’. Claritas has been instrumental in developing a flexible solution to allow the recording of the data and automatic communication with the service user.

All contacts, risk assessment, visit risk assessments and so on are captured in the system in one place. This enables all VS employees and volunteers who are supporting a specific user to understand the current state of the case and the background.

This was a critical project for Victim Support and vital to the quality of support given to the service user. Our vast experience of working on projects of a highly sensitive nature, including Government departments, meant that we had the expertise to develop and deploy Victim Support’s new Case Management System.

Glenn Scaife, Managing Director of Claritas Solutions

There are stringent security requirements for this solution. The infrastructure has been designed to UK government-mandated security standards. All Claritas staff are police security checked to NPPV L3 (Non-Police Personnel Vetting Level 3). This is one of a number of highly-secure solutions that Claritas have designed, developed and runs for its customers.