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8 March 2019
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Claritas International Women’s Day – #BalanceforBetter

On the 8th of March the world celebrates International Women’s Day – a day which champions inspiring women and their achievements whilst also campaigning for more gender balance in the world.

This year the day is focused on finding a better balance, for a better world. #BalanceForBetter

Currently only 10% of the global I.T. workforce and 9% of I.T. leadership are women – which shows there is certainly a lot of work to be done in our industry.

We spoke with some of our very own inspiring women at Claritas to see what International Women’s Day means to them. Here are some of their responses:

Kirsty Sutton, Finance Director

I feel it’s important to remember and recognise that hard work and dedication should pay off in any field and for any gender.

We as an industry need to be inclusive and open minded to all individuals to pool the resources we need to drive innovation and business forward. Any day that aids that philosophy can only be a good thing.

Katie Fraser-Smith, Marketing Manager

International Women’s Day is exceptional in providing support for women in many industries, encouraging them to persevere in their chosen career, even if the industry has been traditionally male dominated. There are many initiatives which aim to encourage women to get into STEM. International Women’s Day helps promote these initiatives and celebrates the amazing achievements of women in the tech industry.

Jennie Keen, Account Manager

International Women’s Day made me feel so empowered and reminded me to celebrate all that women have achieved. Since working in the I.T. industry, I have realised how far we come for equality.

I salute all women in tech!

Vaishali Pant, Test Analyst

International Women’s Day to me is like a pat on the back that we are trying our best to give the next generation a better workplace and a better world, where they would get what they truly deserve without asking for it!

There is this particular quote by Erin Teague that I love, maybe because I am usually the only woman in an all men team: Being a woman on a team of all men means that you have a unique voice, it’s important to embrace that.

And another by Marie Curie which, I find very encouraging for all women: We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.

Zoe Duffy, Account Manager

International Women’s Day is an amazing day for recognising the work that women already do. It’s a day for acknowledging their achievements and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Women make up just 23% of those in core STEM occupations in the UK and 24% of those working in core STEM industries. We want to inspire women around the world to pursue a career in the STEM and I.T. We value everyone in our business no matter what their gender and hope we can encourage as many young girls and women to follow a career path that has traditionally been dominated by men and readdress the imbalance in our industry.

You can learn more about International Women’s Day here: