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4 November 2020
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Claritas on… The Benefits of Managed Print Solutions

“62% of organisations believe that due to Covid-19 their approach to printing and printers need to change”

(HP: Covid-19 Commercial WFH Print Pulse Synopsis: May 2020)

2020 has seen a dramatic rise in remote working, inevitably reducing volumes of printed materials, however, with offices slowly reopening, and organisations adapting to the ‘new normal’, it is predicted that print requirements will grow in the next five years.

Installing and maintaining a fleet of printers in the workplace can be an arduous task. Using a managed print provider to manage your printing devices, including scanners, faxes, and copiers, can offer multiple benefits including improving an organisation’s efficiency, productivity, and information security.

Common misconceptions of Managed Print Solutions

There are often a number of misconceptions when it comes to Managed Print Solutions, we have identified some of the most common below.

  • Some organisations don’t think they print enough to justify an external company’s involvement
  • A Managed Print Service must be more expensive than self-supporting
  • A print company will not help them print less.

Whatever the size, budget and requirements of your business, there is a Managed Print Solution for you!

Benefits of Managed Print Solutions

Save time and improve efficiency

The amount of time your employees spend on printer-related tasks can be frustrating. The process of printing, scanning, copying or faxing documents on old hardware or poorly configured software is just the start. There is also the time spent fixing device malfunctions and replacing ink cartridges and toners to consider too. A Managed Print Service should identify such problems and include plans to reduce the hidden waste of employees’ time incurred on print-related tasks. This frees up valuable staff resource to focus on other tasks.

Reduce costs and save money

Maintaining individual print devices is more costly than having an automated, cloud-based system for doing so at scale. Managed Print Services often connect all devices to one monitoring system to ensure timely delivery of replacement toners and repairs. This makes better use of economies of scale by allowing you to bulk buy supplies at a discount.

A thorough print audit and assessment can also identify ways to consolidate your hardware. Having too many devices within an organisation will cost more to maintain as well as requiring more space and electricity. A Print Management specialist will be able to identify ways to make savings.

Improve productivity in your organisation

The printing requirements of various departments within an organisation can vary. After an initial assessment of an organisation’s current and future needs, the Managed Print provider should be able to recommend a tailored programme for these departments. This might include printing from mobile devices or off-site, for example, or the need to print special types of document sizes and formats which you use regularly.

Another advantage is frequent hardware upgrades, giving you access to the latest technology when it is released.

Reduce your environmental footprint

Managed Print Services can help reduce the amount of paper, electricity and print consumables your organisation uses through identifying and tracking levels of print usage, allowing you to intervene and reduce your environmental footprint.

Improve your information security

An estimated 59% of businesses suffered a print related data loss in 2019. Two thirds of these were due to cyberattack, suggesting that cybercriminals are increasingly using printers as a way into company networks.

A print assessment across the organisation which comes with a Managed Print Service can identify print and IP security risks and propose ways to mitigate those risks with a tailored print security plan.

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