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31 March 2020
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Claritas on… Top Tech Tools for Remote Working

At Claritas, we like to think of ourselves as experts in our field across I.T. support, connectivity, security, software and hosting. So, we’d like to introduce our new content series, ‘Claritas on…’ where we share with you our opinion, insight, expert knowledge and recommendations. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

In this first issue of Claritas on… we look at the Top Tech Tools for Remote Working. With many businesses being forced to work from home for the foreseeable future, we want to lend a helping hand, so we have devised a trusty blog of the best tools available to help you complete your day to day job and stay connected to your team.

We all know that the essentials are vital; fast and reliable internet access, VPN remote access, and of course, a good coffee machine! But, have you been worried about how your team can communicate effectively and efficiently? Worry no more!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft launched its own app in collaboration with an Office 365 license, Teams, that can be used via a desktop app or online. Its aim is to enhance staff collaboration and communication, providing a more instant chat service that’s an alternative or, even replacement, to email when working remotely. A Microsoft spokesperson commented, it’s “a digital translation of an open office space.”

Microsoft Teams focuses on communication by instant messaging, audio calls, video calls, but also encourages collaboration with group chats, file sharing and joint documents. Despite some technical issues earlier in the month, these now appear to have been rectified and we rate this as a very efficient tool.


One for when audio just isn’t enough! Bring your team mates to you with Zoom, providing a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online video meetings and instant chat, and this can be replicated on mobile. The increasingly popular service allows video calling with large groups of people at once, and users can record the sessions, collaborate on work projects, share and annotate on one another’s screens. Zoom is a good tool to make working remotely not so remote.


Slack is designed to ‘break out of the inbox!’, it’s an instant messaging service that works by splitting conversations into organised channels. Channels and conversations can be followed making it simple to find and share information and stay on top of what’s happening, even when not in the office. It helps its users to focus too by allowing you to choose which conversations are the most important and which can wait. Never feel lonely again working from home with Slack – your colleagues are right at your fingertips in real time!

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts aims to bring the office to life, via screen, using group video calls with up to 150 people, audio calls, emojis and photos. It allows you to keep in touch by syncing your chats across all your devices and makes work fun with the added inclusion of GIFS and animations. Google Hangouts also includes the tech giant’s more popular features like maps. It has everything under one roof – Google Hangouts extension is also available, which allows collaborative working. Who ever said working remotely was hard?

We hope you have enjoyed our top tools recommendations and we hope it gives you some assistance. To perform at your best, it’s important to make sure you keep in a routine, sit at a desk with a high-quality chair, and make sure you keep refilling your water bottle to stay hydrated. Plan your to-do lists with an organisation tool such as Trello, eat healthy snacks and lunches and every so often break off into a quiet place (unless the kids are home!), and you should be just fine.

Stay tuned for the next Claritas on… where we discuss all things 5G!