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21 September 2018
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Claritas Solutions coding – a hugely rewarding career

Hear from Junior Developer Michael Antony in today’s post, as we discuss his route into coding and what he enjoys most about working at Claritas. Michael discusses why he chose I.T. as a career path and why it can be a gratifying and fulfilling career.

When did you first become interested in coding?

Back when I was at college, I had a small interaction with coding when I was doing ICT. One of the modules was titled ‘Game Design’ and so after a couple weeks, I was exposed to the world of coding and I was hooked on the amazing things that one can do.

Why did you choose a career in I.T.?

Ever since high school, I have had an interest in ICT and computers in general. This carried over to my college days in which I also studied ICT and then later at university. I believe that I have chosen a career in I.T. due to the fact that it is an ever-changing and progressive environment.

What is your career background?

I have only had two paid jobs before staring work at Claritas. The first was in the food industry; I worked for KFC for few months before starting university, and the second was in the retail industry, working at Primark.

What is your role at Claritas?

My job title at Claritas Solutions is Junior Developer and the role consists of me helping out on existing projects.

What made you decide to come and work for Claritas?

To begin with, the job role that they had advertised specified the coding languages that I had used at university and after my interview, I managed to learn much more about the business and the amazing environment which I eventually joined.

What do you enjoy about coding?

What I enjoy most about coding is the rewarding experience that comes when one finishes writing a complex piece of code or even an application.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about a career in coding?

I would have to say that if you are a problem solver and enjoy doing lots of research then coding might just be the thing for you. In addition to that, making or even aiding in the making of a package or a software solution for a client and witnessing/hearing about their reaction upon using it is extremely gratifying.

Finally, a fact about Michael:

In his spare time, he goes to the gym and likes to live a healthy lifestyle.

A huge thanks to Michael Antony for his responses to these questions. Have they inspired you? We’re always keen to hear from budding coders so why not connect with us on social media? We’re posting about I.T. and tech news, cybersecurity, best practice and a whole host of other topics.