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19 September 2018
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Claritas Solutions coding – don’t listen to the stigma!

In today’s post, we speak to one of our new developers, Charlie Le Geyt, about his journey into coding and what brought him to Claritas Solutions. In our discussion, we learn how the stigma surrounding coders is not necessarily always true along with why a love of game creating sparked his passion.

When did you first become interested in coding?

During secondary school when picking my GCSE’s, I always had the opinion that coders were generally the more reclusive types and were more introverted than other people, but after choosing a subject for my GCSE’s that included coding elements, it became apparent that this was not the case. My love and enjoyment of coding became more apparent during my A Levels. This was mainly due to the afterschool games club that I was involved in running. The club was all about writing games and then passing them round for everyone to have a go, and it opened my eyes to just how much I enjoyed coding and the challenges that it brings.

Why did you choose a career in I.T.?

I chose this career path because of my love for coding and the enjoyment I get from being able to come up with a solution to a problem that everyone could use. In addition, with computers and technology gaining in size and becoming a fundamental part of society, the opportunities are endless.

What is your career background?

My career history was mainly focused within the retail sector, having to find jobs that fit around studying. However, through my own learning and the course I studied at university, I kept trying to get a foot in the I.T. sector.

What is your role at Claritas?

My role at Claritas is a Junior Developer. This involves assisting the senior developers to complete the project(s) they are working on. Whether that be through helping them write code through paired programming or writing my own code to part of the problem.

What made you decide to come and work for Claritas?

Claritas has everything that I require for a career in I.T. There are many amazing projects that are in development and there is a wide scope for learning new skills and for increasing my knowledge and ability for programming. The friendly, knowledgeable environment and team helped, as I knew that there would be many people around that I could ask for assistance if required. All this leads up to having a long and successful career within the I.T. sector.

What do you enjoy about coding?

I simply love every aspect of coding. From the concept phase to the end release. The whole process fascinates me and I love being part of the team that creates the solution to the problem. One of the most amazing and best feelings is when you have been struggling with a problem with the code, whether it be for a day or a week, and you suddenly get a lightbulb moment. Suddenly you find the solution to make it work and the problem is solved. That feeling is one of the best feelings you can experience. The relief and joy, the sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction is hard to replicate. Then there is the feeling that the solution you have written is being used by someone somewhere and is making their lives and jobs easier or better.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about a career in coding?

Give it a go and don’t listen to any preconceptions that surround coding. It may be daunting at first, choosing the area to go into and language to use, but once you start the rewards begin to show themselves. I think the best advice to give would be to pick a language and start giving it a go. Dive straight in and begin the learning.

Finally, a quirky fact about Charlie

He was born in Gibraltar.

A huge thanks to Charlie Le Geyt for his responses to these questions. Have they inspired you? We’re always keen to hear from budding coders so why not connect with us on social media? We’re posting about I.T. and tech news, cybersecurity, best practice and a whole host of other topics.