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17 August 2018
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Considering Cloud Hosting?

Considering Cloud Hosting? Here are some of the reasons to move to the cloud

“Everybody’s talkin’ at me” so sang Harry Nilsson! The next line is the interesting one: “I don’t hear a word they’re saying” – this could be true about “the cloud”. There is so much noise, so many options, that it’s hard, if not almost impossible to know which way to turn. The pressure on businesses to “reduce costs” and “keep up” by moving to the cloud is hard. So how do you decide? Let’s be clear from the outset, cloud isn’t right for everybody, or indeed for everything that you have. There are benefits and drawbacks of cloud hosting that you need to consider before moving completely into the cloud space.

Cloud vs Data Centre: what’s the difference?

At a real basic level, cloud is just a collection of data centres that you can’t go to, with data sitting on equipment that you can’t touch, which you primarily connect to over the Internet. Whereas in data centre world, you have control, right to the tin, you choose the location, the hardware, you configure exactly how it will work. You have full control.

Another significant aspect of control is that with the cloud, providers host and manage the data and where it resides, and perform updates and ongoing maintenance on the physical layer. While data centres typically backup your data and store it off site, and these are run by the company’s in-house I.T. department or outsource partner.

The cloud is usually comprised of numerous servers in data centres, similar to what is usually used internally for document storage just on a larger scale.

There are benefits to using cloud. Here are four key areas that you will get benefit from by choosing a UK cloud hosting provider such as Claritas Solutions.

1. Security

Security is one of the greatest worries for many organisations when considering cloud hosting, especially in these new days of GDPR. Who owns the data? Where is the data hosted? Who has access to the data?

A properly run and configured cloud solution is no less secure than servers managed internally by your company. In many cases, cloud infrastructures are more secure as they are maintained by very experienced staff where processes and controls are tight and monitoring keeps many eyes on these systems at all times.

With Claritas hosting, we give you the additional benefit of knowing for certain that your data will only ever be hosted in the UK, it will never go overseas or be placed in the hands of any unauthorised personnel. All of our employees are Government Security Cleared (SC) and have NPPVv3 security clearance.

Claritas’ chosen data centres are built to adhere to strict security best practices. Equipment is monitored, and access to the premises where data is stored is heavily restricted and controlled: your data will be held in a high security, ISO27001 accredited cloud environment, with 24/7 manned security, extensive CCTV, perimeter fencing and photo card entry systems.

2. Cost Efficiency

Cloud hosting has clear cost benefits; by reducing hardware costs and removing the associated refresh cycle and energy bills to power it all.

Cloud eliminates costly on-premise software licences. And as these things are supported by the cloud provider, it enables you to refocus your I.T. team on to things that will help drive your business forward. It changes the cost model to pay for what you use, paying for the storage you require and controlling the space available to you when more is needed.

Claritas Solutions understands that I.T. departments are challenged with making decisions that affect their company’s bottom line and ability to grow. Claritas can offer solutions to meet all budgets, that keep you in the black.

Claritas can provide a fully managed service saving your business the expense of training and keeping up to date with policies, we’ll cover that!

3. Scalability

Another notable benefit of cloud hosting is its scalability: the cloud’s vast capacity means that storage requirements can be adjusted to meet changing requirements.

Cloud providers have a range of secure cloud options that help you build a cloud solution for your needs. Claritas can support your migrations, optimise your WAN and create a scalable, high performing hybrid cloud solution for your needs.

4. Reliability

Outsourcing your hosting to the cloud has many benefits: systems are designed to be more resilient, disaster recovery is handled by the cloud provider and you can rest assured that your data will be protected.

Claritas Solutions provide a fully managed and reliable cloud hosting application, with guaranteed up times, service level agreements and support to ensure your business critical systems. Giving you more time to be “Sailin’ on a summer breeze!”

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