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2 February 2017
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Ransomware: Act Now or Pay Later

Almost half of UK companies have been hit by Ransomware in the past year. You could be next! How can you prevent your company from being the cybercriminals’ next victim?

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For over 30 years, Ransomware has been an increasing problem for organisations worldwide. Cybercriminals are not discriminatory, everyone is vulnerable. Hackers want to target as many people as possible to obtain the highest profit.
Ransomware attacks are on the rise, with over 50 known strains in circulation. Businesses are particularly vulnerable as they are likely to pay to retrieve sensitive data and ensure business continuity.

If an organisation is infected by Ransomware, critical data could be compromised, systems knocked offline and an organisation’s existence put at risk. Paying a ransom fee doesn’t guarantee that an organisation will get its data back. Prevention is essential.

What is Ransomware and what types are out there?

Ransomware is malicious software that takes control of a user’s computer and encrypts the data on it, rendering it inaccessible. Cybercriminals then demand a payment in exchange for handing over a decryption key to restore the data.

Types of Ransomware:

Encryption – personal files are encrypted and deleted

Lock Screen – locks the computer screen and demands payment

Master Boot Record (MBR) – changes the computers MBR so that the normal boot process is interrupted and a ransom demand displayed in its place

Ransomware encrypting web servers – encrypts files on the webserver via vulnerabilities in CMS

Mobile Device Ransomware – infects mobiles through downloads and fake Apps

Steps you can take to protect yourself

  1. Back up your files. We recommend you make two copies of essential data; one on an external device and one in the cloud. Once Ransomware worms have infiltrated your system there is little you can do, unless you have a back-up of your data. So backing up is the most essential step to mitigating the risk of Ransomware
  2. There are technologies that will protect you. A comprehensive, up-to-date, security solution will help protect you from a variety of malware types and attack vectors

To pay or not to pay?

In reality, if you back up your files, you don’t need to pay.

Paying the ransom fee will not necessarily resolve the problem or ensure data is safely returned. In addition, the more successful the Ransomware is in obtaining large sums of money, the longer cybercriminals will use this sort of activity to exploit businesses.

And it’s not just the cost of paying the ransom. There are other detrimental costs to the business of a Ransomware attack: loss of reputation, disruption to the business, lost days’ work, substantial man hours to restore lost data. The list is endless.

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