GDPR compliance and UK sovereignty built-in

DS Outcome - Case Management System For Service Delivery Organisations

A Demo Customised To Your Business

We’ll tailor your demo based on your organisation’s needs and wants. Here’s just a couple examples of what we’d love to show you:

COMPLIANCE: GDPR compliance built-in as standard helping you build your client’s trust. Ensuring you become and remain compliant

CUSTOMISATION: All elements of the system are customisable by individual organisations for their own purposes. DS Outcome provides case management functionality and incorporates other elements which support document management, asset management, reporting, surveys, emails and appointment functionality.

COLLABORATION: DS Outcome's Multi-Agency function allows other organisations and stakeholders to share vital client information in a secure environment without any barriers of access to the system

DYNAMIC SEARCH: As much or as little data can be used to search, and data retrieval is load balanced so complex searches do not effect system performance

SECURITY: Our portal add-on option that makes it easier than ever to connect with clients