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Jenny Bell - Marketing Manager
Jenny Bell
Marketing Manager
24 February 2023
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The Cyber-Threat Landscape: 2023 and Beyond

Lunch & Learn Webinar


  • Sustained pressure on Cybersecurity teams – How can Machine Learning ease the burden?
  • Businesses need to increase the requirement for Cybersecurity Compliance
  • Ransomware keeps on rolling with novel strategies
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) And Cloud Apps Win Big Time with more businesses outsourcing
  • Cyber Awareness Training increases as more SMEs seek to avoid security incidents

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Join Our Webinar With Neal Lewis


The Cyber-Threat Landscape: 2023 and Beyond with Checkpoint’s Neal Lewis

In this webinar by Claritas Solutions & presented by Neal Lewis from Checkpoint, we take a look at how the cyber threat landscape is looking for 2023 & beyond. From a broad perspective, the cyber-threat landscape has been impacted by post-pandemic related digital migration towards increased work-from-home, and an evolving increasing rise in cyber-risks. Ransomware will remain the biggest risk to corporate operations with many businesses planning to increase cybersecurity measures. Cybersecurity talent shortages will push organisations to seek more outsourced managed services (including cybersecurity) and cloud-based solutions to gain the advantage of specialised skills and talent.

On the human-intelligence level, more cybersecurity awareness training will help defend network entry points, and on the artificial-intelligence, level advanced machine-learning enabled products will ease the burden on human security analysts with improved detection and response capabilities. Machine learning (ML) is improving cybersecurity product effectiveness and efficiency, and managed service providers and cloud services offer more high-quality digital productivity with stronger security and less effort. It’s also clear that more companies want cyber-aware staff and partners.


Watch the recording here