Jenny Bell - Marketing Manager
Jenny Bell
Marketing Manager
18 September 2023
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Claritas Solutions is named as a finalist in UK Fast Growth 50 Index for North of England

Fast Growth 50 2023 - North East


Nominated as a Finalist in Fast Growth 50 – North of England for 2023 

We are beyond thrilled to be nominated as a finalist in Top 50 Fast Growth for the North of England. This is a monumental achievement that reflects our relentless drive, innovation, and dedication to growth. We are hoping that our journey will inspire our team and many others in the business community, demonstrating that with hard work and a strategic vision, remarkable growth is possible.

The UK Fast Growth 50 Index recognises and celebrates the 50 fastest-growing private businesses across seven nations and regions in the UK – namely London, Midlands and East of England, North of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South of England and Wales. It is an initiative that has been running in Wales for 25 years and is now expanding across the UK in partnership with UBS, one of the largest financial institutions in the world. The programme is organised by Ideas Forums, the same entity behind the Great British Entrepreneur Awards which is often referred to as the ‘Grammy’s of Entrepreneurship’.

The 50 fastest-growing businesses in each region have been identified through detailed research conducted by the Ideas Forums team, led by Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, the creator of the Wales Fast Growth 50 and a leading entrepreneurship academic.

Glenn Scaife said: “Being recognised as part of The Fast Growth 50 is a true a testament to the team’s outstanding commitment to excellence, and our unwavering dedication to hard work for our customers.”

The results have now been published on Fast Growth Top 50 and can be available for viewing here  (page 16) – great result with a position of 11th!