A modern, streamlined approach to virtualisation

Revolutionising Virtualisation

Claritas are proud to present the future of virtualisation.

The natural evolution of virtualisation has led us to develop a more simplified product set that removes all the complexity and risk associated with the traditional method of building a virtual environment.

If you want to create your own virtual environment - Our ‘Cloud in a Box’ hypercloud product, is perfect because it has been designed from the ground up to make the experience as simple as possible.

• Gone is the headache of trying to make a collection of disparate applications interact together.

• Gone is the headache of patching an environment that contains a multitude of different patching methodologies.

• Gone is the headache of licensing an environment that contains a mishmash of licensing rules and conflicting licensing metrics.

• Gone is the headache of monitoring an environment where all the components of the stack were not designed as a whole.

Virtualisation should make IT infrastructure as easy as pressing a button

Migrating from VMware?

If you want to move your own virtual environment away from VMware

Our VM Squared solution is a modern, holistic server virtualisation platform.

Every VMware vSphere function can be completely replaced by VM Squared, while additionally optimising resource utilisation and reducing management complexity.

VM Squared also provides a direct pathway to achieving a true private cloud.

Everything you need. Plus everything you want.

VM Squared is a holistic approach that streamlines virtualisation, storage and network tasks for IT support, developers and application teams. Access all features through an unified, clean dashboard.

Get the VM Squared fact sheet 

vm squared datasheet
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Private Cloud Hosting

UK SovereignCloud

Our public cloud, called ‘Sovereign cloud’ is the perfect solution for all your hosting needs. Built on the products mentioned above it is the future of virtualisation provision.

Because it is completely owned and managed by a UK organisation it ticks a lot of boxes by default.

Sovereignty - Your data will never leave the UK.

GDPR - Helps with your GDPR obligations because it is hosted in the UK.

Privacy - We don’t mine your data.

Data Segregation - UK legislation.

Access - Come and meet us.

UK Staff - All vetted to UK SC standard