Do These Scenarios Sound Familiar?

We run on a tiny budget with minimal staff to deliver services for vulnerable people.

Smaller charities don't often have the access to resources like compliance and IT teams. Therefore digital transformation is a huge undertaking even though the benefits are acknowledged by many charities. DS Outcome has GDPR compliance built-in and training with an online user guide at your fingertips.

Unlike larger organisations, we lack dedicated IT support with expertise in digital technologies.

Charities often have to put their main funding at the front-line to deliver the services they offer. So challenges like system upgrades, etc. are often left with other priorities taking precedent. DS Outcome has been built by a tech team of developers, based in the UK on hand to support. Easy to implement and get up and running.

We still rely on legacy systems for our day-to-day operations. Integrating these systems with new digital tools will be complex and time-consuming.

With over 25 years of IT expertise and with over 60 engineers we have come across many systems. With DS Outcome you get all of the system's features and benefits. One affordable flat monthly cost. It is an open, secure system based in the UK.

We handle sensitive client information, and we have concerns about data security and compliance can act as significant barriers to adopting digital solutions.

DS Outcome is able to share data with partners with its ‘Multi-Agency Portal’ (M-AP) functionality. Agency members will register with the portal and log in securely to view case data sent to them, and add notes which are sent directly back to DS Outcome. To ensure security, M-AP is a separate, secure system that sits alongside DS Outcome.

We find it difficult to predict and accommodate future growth. We need a system that allows for scalability and adaptability to our evolving needs.

DS Outcome can grow as you grow. For instance process incoming referrals can be set up to automatically allocate cases by team or even operator skill level. It can also reject referrals that do not meet your set criteria, saving valuable triage time.

GDPR compliance and UK sovereignty built-in

About DS Outcome

Breaking the Mould on Case Management Software

DS Outcome is built to make your client data more transparent and securely accessible with other organisations with GDPR compliance and UK sovereignty built-in as standard. Our case management software fits your organisation’s workflow, services and, most importantly, the people you serve.

Our goal is to give you the best case management experience possible by providing tools that function according to your specific needs, empowering your organisation to work efficiently and build better relationships with clients. DS Outcome has well-designed dashboards that lay out your important information clearly and intelligently, and it includes additional tools to make your working life much easier. That way, you won’t have any difficulty navigating it.

server room - data centres

Case Management Done Differently

Our database is stored on our private, proprietary servers, which are maintained 24/7.

Every non-profit organisation works differently, so with DS Outcome you have access to all the features for a monthly fixed affordable fee to make space for you to serve your clients better.

We do not transfer data outside of the UK for processing, or share your data with any third party agency.

Our software is designed to work with GDPR compliance regulations and hosted on West Yorkshire DCs so you can trust your clients’ data is secure.

And with a high level of both shareability and security, you’ll have complete control over who sees what information.

case report export screen

We’ve Designed DS Outcome To Work For You.

Allowing you to share data confidently.

DS Outcome includes a Multi-Agency Portal which allows data to be shared with named and registered agencies for a set period of time. You choose, down to field level, which data you want to share with your partner agencies and that snapshot of data is sent to the portal for your partner to access.

You won’t miss a thing as you will be alerted as soon as a note is added to your case!

You can even set a time limit on how long you want the case to be available on the portal for, ensuring data is only shared for a legitimate period.

The data you share, as with all the data stored, viewed and updated, is fully audited so you can be confident that you can track who has seen and updated your data.

DS Outcome Features

Secure & UK Based

DS Outcome is hosted in a highly secure UK Data Centre in the north of England and is subject to UK Data Protection laws.

Multi-Agency Portal

Your subscription includes access to a Multi-Agency Portal where your partnership colleagues can register to gain access to data you choose to send them.

Record Security

DS Outcome understands the need for different levels of security and we have built in the ability to restrict record access at a case level, including through searches and reporting.


Workflows can be built for basic very alerts and escalations or for more complex functions such as creating new cases or tasks or reallocating work to separate teams.

Managing Risk

Supporting a need to protect Service Users and colleagues from potential harm, DS Outcome includes the ability to build a Risk Matrix which will calculate a Risk score, highlighting potential dangers directly on a Case.

In-House Installation

We can provide you with your own instance of DS Outcome, housed within its own environment within our secure UK Data Centre. Support contracts will be negotiated. Quotes for this work are available after specification.

Software as a Service

Join a community of users and enjoy all functionality within DS Outcome for one simple fee of £5 per user, per month. Standard SaaS support terms apply (9-5 support, 5 days a week